Markus Anton

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Peroxisomal membrane protein (Pmp)26p (RnPex11p), a major constituent of induced rat liver peroxisomal membrane, was found to contain a COOH-terminal, cytoplasmically exposed consensus dilysine motif with the potential to bind coatomer. Biochemical as well as immunocytochemical evidence is presented showing that peroxisomes incubated with preparations of(More)
The authors characterized on a molecular level the clofibrate-inducible 26-kDa integral peroxisomal membrane protein (Pmp26p, Pex11-1p) of rat liver. By screening cDNA databases with the obtained Pex11-1p-cDNA, a second homologous cDNA was identified that codes for a polypeptide with slightly larger molecular mass than Pex11-1p. The authors call this(More)
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