Markus A. Mueller

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—In this paper, the authors present an extended survey on the evolution and the modern approaches in the thermal analysis of electrical machines. The improvements and the new techniques proposed in the last decade are analyzed in depth and compared in order to highlight the qualities and defects of each. In particular, thermal analysis based on(More)
In this paper the authors outline the performance and modelling of a prototype linear tubular permanent magnet machine with an air cored stator. The main application of the machine is in direct drive marine energy conversion systems, where speeds are typically in the region of 0.5 m/s. A simple analytical method was derived to provide an initial design of a(More)
The objective of this paper is to review linear generator systems for wave energy conversion and the research issues related to this. The paper starts with a short review of wave energy conversion, indicating that the different wave energy conversion systems that have been presented in literature have very different generator systems. Next, a few(More)
The importance and necessity for an electrical machine design process where thermal and electromagnetic issues are considered in an iterative manner is clear today. A commercially available thermal modelling package is used to investigate a design of a TEFC synchronous machine for a mobile refrigeration application, which imposes significant demands on the(More)
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