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" Oscillations " occur in quite different kinds of many-particle-systems when two groups of particles with different directions of motion meet or intersect at a certain spot. In this work a model of pedestrian motion is presented that is able to reproduce oscillations with different characteristics. The Wald-Wolfowitz test and Gillis' correlated random walk(More)
The asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) with periodic boundary conditions is investigated for shuffled dynamics. In this type of update, in each discrete timestep the particles are updated in a random sequence. Such an update is important for several applications, e.g. for certain models of pedestrian flow in two dimensions. For the ASEP with(More)
In this paper it is shown that the steady-state weights of the asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) with open boundaries and parallel update can be written as a product of a scalar pair-factorized and a matrix-product state. This type of state is also obtained for an ASEP on a ring in which particles can move one or two sites. The dynamics leads to(More)
  • Marko Woelki
  • 2013
A bottleneck situation in one-lane traffic flow is typically modelled with a constant demand of entering cars. However, in practice this demand may depend on the density of cars in the bottleneck. The present paper studies a simple bimodal realization of this mechanism to which we refer to as density-feedback control (DFC): If the actual density in the(More)
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