Marko Vujasinovic

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In this paper, we describe results of our work in developing transformation tools that enable use of RDF-based Semantic Mediation tools for integration of business applications that have implemented XML Schema-based interfaces. Specifically, we are concerned with validating advanced Semantic Mediation solutions that required XML to RDF, RDF to XML, and the(More)
A semantic-mediation architecture advances traditional approaches for standard-based business-to-business interoperability. The architecture formally models a business domain in a reference ontology and annotates domain message schemas to define public and proprietary reconciliation rule sets. Enterprises can use the rule sets to implement standard-based(More)
In this paper we describe an MDA (model-driven architecture) approach that we successfully apply in our ERP development process. We have developed platform-independent models of certain ERP aspects and tools that use these models to generate database scripts and source code for a target platform, ERP documentation, and help system. The paper outlines these(More)