Marko Vrhovnik

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In this paper, they have proposed a framework for the optimization of data processing in business processes in order to optimize business process revenues and profits. A multi-stage control strategy is suggested for this optimization task. A rule based optimization of business processes is introduced using rewrite rules and a control strategy to transform(More)
Workflow languages like BPEL are broadly adopted by industry to integrate the heterogeneous applications and data stores of an enterprise. Leading vendors provide extensions to BPEL that allow for a tight integration of data processing capabilities into the process logic. Business processes exploiting these capabilities show a remarkable potential for(More)
Over the last years, data management products as well as workflow products have established themselves as indispensable building blocks for advanced IT systems in almost all application areas. Recently, many vendors have created innovative product extensions that combine service-oriented frameworks with powerful workflow and data management capabilities. In(More)
Nowadays, workflowand database technology is crucial for automating business processes. Workflow management systems execute business processes by means of workflows that integrate numerous application systems and data sources. Typically, database management systems store business data that is referenced by business processes. Obviously, the performance of a(More)
A profound analysis of all relevant business data in a company is necessary for optimizing business processes effectively. Current analyses typically run either on business process execution data or on operational business data. Correlations among the separate data sets have to be found manually under big effort. However, to achieve a more informative(More)
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