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Members of the astacin family of metalloproteinases such as human bone morphogenetic protein 1 (BMP-1) regulate morphogenesis by processing precursors to mature functional extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins and several growth factors including TGFβ, BMP2, BMP4 and GFD8. We have recently discovered that BMP1-3 isoform of the Bmp-1 gene circulates in the(More)
High-rise syndrome was diagnosed in 119 cats over a 4-year period. 59.6% of cats were younger than one year, and the average height of the fall was four stories. High-rise syndrome was more frequent during the warmer period of the year. 96.5% of the presented cats, survived after the fall. 46.2% of cats had fractured limbs; 38.5% of fractures were of the(More)
This study aims to investigate the use of a photodensitometry to analyze plain radiographic images and correlate them with the rate of new bone formation in a critical size defect of a rabbit radius fi lled with an autologous omental graft. The computer program MCID Evaluation 7.0. was used for photodensitometric processing of X-ray images taken at 2, 4, 6(More)
aBStRact The objective of this study was to compare postoperative pain, as assessed by multiple objective and subjective methods, after Tibial Tuberosity Advancement and Modified Retinacular Imbrication Technique, procedures that differ significantly in the extent of the operative trauma. We compared the preoperative, 2, 6, 10, 20, 44 and 68-hour(More)
Congenital anomalies in offspring of natural breedings are often a result of environmental factors, genetic factors, or both. A 21-day-old male Simental female calf was submitted to our clinic with abnormal severe green mucoid nasal discharge from both nostrils. At necropsy, the calf showed multiple defects, including cleft palate, hydrocephalus,(More)
The primary objective of this study was to determine which closure technique simple interrupted suture (SIS), simple continuous suture (SCS), interrupted double loop closure (IDLC) or continuous double loop closure (CDLC) results in stronger wound repair after midline laparotomy. Surgery was performed on 48 male rats. On the 5th postoperative day the rats(More)
The stem cells that provide tissue regeneration are residents of different organ structures in the body and are usually located in well-protected sites of organs and tissues. For stem cells of either corneal epithelium such sites are in the basal epithelial layer of the cornea residing in its limbal region, termed the palisade of Voight. The growing(More)
One case of a right femoral bone fracture repair by intramedullary pin fixation in a green iguana is described. A fracture of the right femur was diagnosed as a result of trauma. Open reduction with intramedullary pin fixation was used for the fracture repair. The progress of healing had been monitored clinically and radiographically over a four-month(More)