Marko Srdanovic

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Complex biological database systems have become key computational tools used daily by scientists and researchers. Many of these systems must be capable of executing on multiple different hardware and software configurations and are also often made available to users via the Internet. We have used the Java Data Object (JDO) persistence technology to develop(More)
UNLABELLED High-throughput data can be used in conjunction with clinical information to develop predictive models. Automating the process of developing, evaluating and testing such predictive models on different datasets would minimize operator errors and facilitate the comparison of different modeling approaches on the same dataset. Complete automation(More)
An approach, termed phase contrast filtering (PCF), for the edge enhancement of digitized gray-scale images is presented. The design technique which realized these PCF filters as 2-D recursive high-pass digital filters is described in detail. Sample results are provided with qualitative comparison to the commonly used gradient operator methods.
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