Marko Ribaric

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In this paper, we present a UML- and rule-based approach to modeling Web services. The core of the solution is the UML-based rule model language (URML) that allows for developing business vocabularies and rules independent of an implementation technology. This helps developers to focus on solving problems under study rather than on low-level(More)
AbstrAct The development process of Web services needs to focus on the modeling of business processes rather than on low-level implementation details of Web services, and yet it also needs to incorporate the support for frequent business changes. This chapter presents the UML-based Rule Language (URML) and REWERSE Rule Markup Language (R2ML), which use(More)
As part of an investigation to reassess disability which was performed in 579 subjects with an internist's diagnosis, disability was reassessed in 68 males with chronic bronchitis as the main diagnosis. Disability reassessment was carried out by an informal team of physicians consisting of pulmologists and members of a second degree disability board. The(More)