Marko Raina

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Hyposexuality is a common problem in stroke patients. Some stroke patients, however, may present with hypersexuality. We report three stroke patients who demonstrated hypersexuality and deviant sexual behavior after stroke. Abnormal sexual behavior was noted by members of the stroke rehabilitation team while the patients were in hospital. Details of pre-(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize dropouts from type-2 diabetes (T2D) care in communal primary health care. DESIGN An observational study. SETTING In a Finnish city, patients with T2D who had not contacted the public primary health care system during the past 12 months were identified with a computer based search and contacted by a trained diabetes nurse. (More)
In primary care, financial incentives have usually been directed to physicians because they are thought to make the key decisions in order to change the functions of a medical organization. There are no studies regarding the impact that directing these incentives to all disciplines of the care team (e.g. group bonuses for both nurses and doctors) may have,(More)
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