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AIM The paper discusses the negative attitudes of some nursing assistants in Slovenia towards higher nursing education and academic (theoretical and research based) knowledge. BACKGROUND The topic is discussed in the context of traditional hierarchical and patriarchal relations in the health-care sector, professionalization of nursing and the(More)
Organizational learning contributes to organizational performance. One research question that remains inadequately explained is how learning occurs. Can it be explained by using the acquisition or participation perspectives? Or is there a need for some other view? This paper suggests that learning networks form an important learning environment for(More)
In this study, we attempt to show managerial cultures in three transition countries, Russia, Serbia and Slovenia. We analyse the values of younger individuals and compare them with the values of older individuals to see if and how the culture of the former reflects globalisation. We use the standard methodology from Hofstede (1981) and Trompenaars and(More)
This paper presents the process of development-extending over several years- and characteristics of the new BSc curriculum in nursing (second university level), which is an upgrading of the already existing 2-year university nursing course at the School of Health Studies of Ljubljana University, Slovenia. The new 2-year curriculum is run in cooperation(More)
Individual-level factors and country-level determinants influence our satisfaction; therefore, the single-level models that prevail in the analyses of subjective well-being are not appropriate. Thus, this article aims to add a multilevel perspective to the understanding of selfreported well-being. We analyse the impact of gross national income on the life(More)
In this paper we propose and implement an integral approach to corporate environmentalism. Our integral model accounts not only for corporate environmentalism motivation and conception but also for corporate environmentalism mode and speed of implementation. A broad range of identifi ed corporate environmentalism dimensions helps characterize fi ve basic(More)
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