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PURPOSE To determine the contribution of surveillance mammography to the early detection of metachronous contralateral breast cancer (MCBC) and to assess its impact on the survival of breast cancer patients with relation to compliance. METHOD Breast cancer patients (5589) were identified using files from the regional cancer registry of the Comprehensive(More)
The use of ketamine infusion for sedation/analgesia in patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) therapy has not been described. The aims of this retrospective cohort study were to explore whether ketamine infusion for patients requiring ECMO therapy was associated with altered RASS scores, decreased concurrent sedative or opioid use, or(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW The importance of accuracy in controlling the dose-response relation for intravenous anesthetics is directly related to the importance of optimizing the efficacy and quality of anesthesia while minimizing adverse drug effects. Therefore, it is important to measure and control all steps of the pharmacokinetic and dynamic cascade influencing(More)
BACKGROUND Current electroencephalogram (EEG)-derived measures provide information on cortical activity and hypnosis but are less accurate regarding subcortical activity, which is expected to vary with the degree of antinociception. Recently, the neurophysiologically based EEG measures of cortical input (CI) and cortical state (CS) have been shown to be(More)
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