Marko Mäkipää

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Research Center of the eTampere Development Program are also acknowledged with gratitude. Abstract: Rise and development of the e-Business has led to transformation of many traditional markets and born of new ones. Companies have been forced to change themselves to be more customer oriented and turn their mass production strategy to mass customization(More)
Significance of inter-organizational information systems (IOSs) in inter-organizational relationship (IOR) has been highlighted recently. IOSs are not only technical solutions to enhance communication across organizations, but they are also supporters and enablers of cooperation as well as symbols of formal IORs. The success or failure of these systems can(More)
Since 1995 as a start of commercial use of Internet network in Finland we have witnessed strong development in this area. This development trend has promoted e-Business to an important subject of decision-making and business planning. One of the factors behind development has been the exploitation and management of information and knowledge. Next step,(More)
Dynamic and turbulent business environment with constant interventions of new technological, social and management innovations force the companies to seek new ways to bind the existing customers more tightly in the innovation process and at the same time, to attract new customers. The fierce competition of customer attention forces companies to create new(More)
History of industrial production has gone through different phases, starting from craftsmanship, evolving to mass production and process improvement and lately to mass customization. This new way to organize production has challenged all industries producing products and services. In this research we are concentrating to software industry, which is a young(More)
The prevalent competitive business environment has forced companies to devise strategies to survive. Strategic agility is one such business imperative companies require in the dynamic environment. Strategic agility is comprised of strategic sensitivity, strategic response and collective capabilities. Moreover, companies are collaborating in order to gain(More)
Companies have started to apply Mass Customization (MC) strategies to fulfil customers' individual needs while maintaining cost-efficiency of operations to ensure low prices. Several authors have proposed frameworks and classifications of MC models and strategies. However, in none of these frameworks a product is seen as an active player in customization.(More)