Marko Krznaric

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The Grid is a concept which allows the sharing of resources between distributed communities, allowing each to progress towards potentially different goals. As adoption of the Grid increases so are the activities that people wish to conduct through it. The GRIDCC project is a European Union funded project addressing the issues of integrating instruments into(More)
Many Grid architectures have been developed in recent years. These range from the large community Grids such as LHG and EGEE to single site deployments such as Condor. However, these Grid architec-tures have tended to focus on the execution of executables. Application scientists are now seeking to deploy their entire workflows onto these Grids, which will(More)
This paper describes how the London e-Science Centre cluster MARS, a production 400+ Opteron CPU cluster, was integrated into the production Large Hadron Collider Compute Grid. It describes the practical issues that we encountered when deploying and maintaining this system, and details the techniques that were applied to resolve them. Finally, we provide a(More)
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