Marko Kos

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This paper presents the acquisition and annotation of Slovenian Lombard Speech Database, the recording of which started in the year 2008. The database 1 was recorded at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. The goal of this paper is to describe the hardware platform used for the acquisition of speech material, recording scenarios and tools used for the(More)
This paper presents the work related to the identification of PRV (pulse rate variability) and SpO2 (blood oxidation content) using miniature wearable wrist device. The extension of currently widely used PPT (photo plethysmography) measuring technique is proposed. Most PPT devices only measure PR (pulse rate), but with minimum adaptations to the sensor, a(More)
In this paper the quick and efficient definition of hangbefore and hangover criteria for Voice Activity Detection (VAD) algorithm is presented. Hangbefore and hangover criteria are integrated into VAD algorithm after basic VAD decision step. Using the hangbefore criterion, the problem of incorrect detection of unvoiced speech that occurs at the beginning(More)
This paper presents work related to tennis stroke detection and classification. For arm movement acquisition a miniature wearable IMU device, positioned on the player's forearm (right above the wrist) is proposed and presented. The device uses a MEMS-based accelerometer and gyroscope with 6-DOF. For reliable and accurate tennis stroke detection the(More)
This paper presents speaker gender classification and segmentation. Such classification is frequently used in broadcast news domain. Because pitch is a feature that is difficult to calculate reliably in noisy environment, and because telephone speech is present in broadcast material, we focused on using general acoustic features for gender discrimination(More)