Marko K. Baller

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We report the specific transduction, via surface stress changes, of DNA hybridization and receptor-ligand binding into a direct nanomechanical response of microfabricated cantilevers. Cantilevers in an array were functionalized with a selection of biomolecules. The differential deflection of the cantilevers was found to provide a true molecular recognition(More)
We report a microarray of cantilevers to detect multiple unlabeled biomolecules simultaneously at nanomolar concentrations within minutes. Ligand-receptor binding interactions such as DNA hybridization or protein recognition occurring on microfabricated silicon cantilevers generate nanomechanical bending, which is detected optically in situ. Differential(More)
Peptidic radiotracers are highly potent substances for the specific in vivo imaging of various biological targets with Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography and Positron Emission Tomography. However, some radiolabeled peptides such as bombesin analogs were shown to exhibit only a limited stability, hampering a successful target visualization. One(More)
The application of microfluidics to the synthesis of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) tracers has been explored for more than a decade. Microfluidic benefits such as superior temperature control have been successfully applied to PET tracer synthesis. However, the design of a compact microfluidic platform capable of executing a complete PET tracer(More)
nitrogen gas. COC foils were cut to size, the protective polyethylene terephtalate (PETg) layers removed, the foil rinsed with isopropyl alcohol and subsequently placed 5 minutes in a fume hood for drying. ____________________________________________________ 40 a GE Global Research, Freisinger Landstrasse 50, 85748 Garching bei Munich, Germany. Fax:(More)
Autoradiolysis describes the degradation of radioactively labeled compounds due to the activity of the labeled compounds themselves. It scales with activity concentration and is of importance for high activity and microfluidic PET tracer synthesis. This study shows that microfluidic devices can be shaped to reduce autoradiolysis by geometric exclusion of(More)
Two switchable, palindromically constituted bistable [3]rotaxanes have been designed and synthesized with a pair of mechanically mobile rings encircling a single dumbbell. These designs are reminiscent of a "molecular muscle" for the purposes of amplifying and harnessing molecular mechanical motions. The location of the two cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene)(More)
Cryopreservation of biological materials such as cells, tissues, and organs is a prevailing topic of high importance. It is employed not only in many research fields but also in the clinical area. Cryopreservation is of great importance for reproductive medicine and clinical studies, as well as for the development of vaccines. Peripheral blood mononuclear(More)
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