Marko Ivankovic

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OBJECTIVES Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy has been related to a high frequency of abnormal intrapartum fetal heart rate, amniotic fluid meconium, prematurity, and perinatal mortality. To determine whether these adverse perinatal outcomes could be improved with active intervention, we evaluated our results. STUDY DESIGN We report a retrospective(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to document the presence or significance of circadian uterine activity rhythms in pregnant women who delivered at term and preterm. STUDY DESIGN We measured uterine activity in 19 women divided into a control group (low risk for preterm labor, term delivery, n = 7), a group at high risk for preterm labor, term delivery (n = 6), and a(More)
Demand for more advanced Web applications is the driving force behind Web browser evolution. Recent requirements for Rich Internet Applications, such as mashing-up data and background processing, are emphasizing the need for building and executing Web applications as a coordination of browser execution contexts. Since development of such Web applications(More)
The association of preeclampsia with thrombocytopenia and prolonged bleeding time is reported. The analysis of bleeding time (Simplate II) and the platelet count (Automatic Coulter Counter) in 41 patients with different grades of preeclampsia is presented. Our results suggest that the decrease in the bleeding time observed in moderate preeclampsia and the(More)
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