Marko Hassinen

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The main contribution of this paper is an encryption system for Web applications, where the encryption is done on the client side. By a Web application we mean an application that uses a web browser as a user interface and the content is in HTML or equivalent. In our application the client creates and stores an encryption key. The data is always encrypted(More)
  • M. Hassinen
  • 2006 2nd International Conference on Information…
  • 2006
Mobile commerce is a field with a huge potential for new applications. One of the most important aspects in such applications is security. The main contribution of this paper is an implementation of a public key cryptosystem for short messages in a mobile phone network. Our system provides confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation of SMS messages,(More)
Use of information technology has become commonplace in healthcare. In an ideal world a patient always gets first class treatment and everything goes smoothly and as planned. Applications of information technology are created to help the hospital staff achieve this. However, hospital staff is often working under a heavy workload and minimal workforce. This(More)
Payments are the locomotive behind any business domain. It has been predicted that mobile payments will become one of the most successful mobile services, and the security of payments is an important requirement. However, it is difficult to strongly authenticate mobile users remotely and provide an adequate level of non-repudiation of transactions. In this(More)
We introduce a measurement system architecture, which has three main qualities: secure two-way transfer of measurement data, quick adaptability to different kinds of measurement tasks and strong data presentation capabilities through XML techniques. In the architecture, we take advantage of well-tried technologies, like a commonly used visual programming(More)