Marko Hassinen

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SMS (Short Message Service) is a widely used service for brief communication. Occasionally the data sent using SMS services is confidential in nature and is desired not to be disclosed to a third party. In this paper an application for sending encrypted SMS messages using cryptographic methods based on theory of quasigroups is proposed. The encryption(More)
Payments are the locomotive behind any business domain. It has been predicted that mobile payments will become one of the most successful mobile services, and the security of payments is an important requirement. However, it is difficult to strongly authenticate mobile users remotely and provide an adequate level of non-repudiation of transactions. In this(More)
Identity proofs play an important role in our lives. They are performed both in face-to-face situations and remotely via computer networks. With the recent switch to new electronic identity documents such as biometric passports and chip-based identity cards, an increasing proportion of identity proofs takes place in the electronic realm. However, the(More)