Marko Hölbl

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Key agreement protocols are used to exchange keys between two or multiple entities. The exchanged key can be later used to assure confidentiality through encryption. Additionally authenticated key agreement protocols offer implicit authentication. In this paper we conduct a security and efficiency comparison of tri-partite authenticated identity-based key(More)
BACKGROUND The rapid expansion in the use of electronic health records (EHR) has increased the number of medical errors originating in health information systems (HIS). The sociotechnical approach helps in understanding risks in the development, implementation, and use of EHR and health information technology (HIT) while accounting for complex interactions(More)
Informatics plays an increasing role in the area of health care services. Not only will the patient's satisfaction with the medical treatment depend on the cooperation and communication between the nurse and the doctor, but also on the nurse and her way of dealing with and usage of IT technology. Although having become a part of daily routines in the(More)
In a supervised learning, the relationship between the available data and the performance (what is learnt) is not well understood. How much data to use, or when to stop the learning process, are the key questions. In the paper, we present an approach for an early assessment of the extracted knowledge (classification models) in the terms of performance(More)