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Large-scale migration into Britain during the Middle to Late Bronze Age
Present-day people from England and Wales have more ancestry derived from early European farmers (EEF) than did people of the Early Bronze Age 1 . To understand this, here we generated genome-wide
Middle La Tène Bronze Fibulae Decorated in Pseudo-filigree and Pseudo-granulation Techniques of the Scordiscan Variant. A Recognizable Feature of the Local Middle La Tène Female Costume
  • Marko Dizdar
  • Computer Science
    Slovenská archeológia
  • 31 December 2021
Bronze fibulae decorated in pseudo-filigree and pseudo-granulation techniques provide valuable findings of decorating Scordiscan women’s bodies, as well as their public presentation, i.e., the fibULae probably represent a recognizable manifestation of their visual identity.
Prehistoric Settlement at Virje–Volarski Breg/Sušine
Proceedings from the 7th Scientific Conference Methodology and Archaeometry
Methodology and Archaeometry (MetArh) is an annual scientific conference organized since 2013 by the Department of Archaeology of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of
Late Hallstatt Female Head/Hair Decoration in the Southern Carpathian Basin. Temple Rings of the Ciumbrud and Donja Dolina Types
The Late Hallstatt period in the southern Carpathian Basin is marked by complex cultural relations for which the current knowledge is mostly based on the analyses of cemeteries. One of the most
Prehistoric Settlement at Virje–Volarski Breg/Sušine
Several years of excavations at the site of Virje–Volarski Breg/Sušine uncovered the remains of a settlement from the Late Bronze and Late Iron Ages. The finds of a bronze pin and potsherds from the
Iron belts of the Dalj type - a study of regionalisation of the Middle La Tène female costume
A characteristic element of the Middle La T?ne Scordiscan female costume are the various types of iron and bronze belts, which can often be connected with contemporaneous types from the Carpathian