Marko Delimar

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The paper presents an analysis of a one-semester technical course " Electrical facilities ". The goal of the paper is to show how a system of real-time knowledge testing at undergraduate level, using a radio-frequency clicker system and conventional knowledge assessment methods, was implemented on a single course at the University of Zagreb. Using(More)
Placement of the acetabular cup during total hip arthroplasty is of great importance because usually every deviation from the ideal centre of rotation negatively influences endoprosthesis survival, polyethylene wear and hip load. Here we present hip load change in respect to various acetabular cup positions in female patients who underwent total hip(More)
Accurate forecasting tools are essential in the operation of electric power systems, especially in deregulated electricity markets. Electricity price forecasting is necessary for all market participants to optimize their portfolios. In this paper we propose a hybrid method approach for short-term hourly electricity price forecasting. The paper combines(More)
This paper proposes a coexistence model for two independent companies both operating hydropower plants in the same river flow, based on a case study of the Cetina river basin in Croatia. Companies are participants of the day-ahead electricity market. The incumbent company owns the existing hydropower plants and holds concessions for the water. The new(More)
IEEEXtreme is an IEEE Student Activities Committee initiative to create a worldwide programming contest for IEEE Student Branches. The success of the past editions and the way IEEEXtreme is evolving, suggests that it will become the only worldwide competition capable of promoting the computer programming skills of collegiate students within a global(More)
  • Perica Ilak, Slavko Krajcar, Ivan Rajšl, Marko Delimar, Ivan Rajsl@fer Hr, Marko Delimar@fer Hr
  • 2014
This paper analyzes a price-taker hydro generating company which participates simultaneously in day-ahead energy and ancillary services markets. An approach for deriving marginal cost curves for energy and ancillary services is proposed, taking into consideration price uncertainty and opportunity cost of water, which can later be used to determine hourly(More)
—Water is scarce resource with uncertain availability. Hence finding an optimal production schedule for hydro producer is usually a complex task and it is necessary to carefully balance the timing of water use. This paper addresses the self-scheduling problem for a price-taker hydro producer. The goal is maximizing the profit of a hydro producer through(More)
The first years after graduation can be very challenging for young professionals. In 1996, IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) was created as a membership program to help students transition to young professionals. Today, IEEE GOLD is a vibrant community of engineers, scientists, and technical experts with member representation across the globe and(More)