Marko Brunzel

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The Semantic Web needs ontologies as an integral component. Current methods for learning and enhancing ontologies, need to be further improved to overcome the knowledge acquisition bottleneck. The identification of concepts and relations with only minimal user interaction is still a challenging objective. Current approaches performed to extract semantics(More)
Strategic decision making, especially in the areas of business intelligence and competitive intelligence, requires the acquisition of decision-relevant information pieces like market trends, fusions and company values. This information is extracted by pre-processing and querying multiple sources, combining and condensing the findings. It is characteristic(More)
The acquisition of explicit semantics is still a research challenge. Approaches for the extraction of semantics focus mostly on learning hierarchical hypernym-hyponym relations. The extraction of co-hyponym and co-meronym sibling semantics is performed to a much lesser extent, though they are not less important in ontology engineering. In this paper we will(More)