Marko Biberdzic

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The aim of this study was to examine whether it was possible to develop a reliable and valid assessment of reflective parenting implicit in interaction with school-aged children using an adaptation of the Squiggle paradigm developed by Winnicott ( 1968 ) and a manualized coding system (Normandin, Leroux, Ensink, Terradas, & Fonagy, 2015 ). A total of 158(More)
The main characteristic of the pulled corn pickers is that they drawn in one pass separate ear of corn from the stalk and made it husking, while it achieves a different quality of work. Quality of collectors depends on a several factors: the condition of crops, defining of relevant parameters for the operation, technical accuracy and staff skills. When the(More)
The aim of this study was to examine whether mothers who manifest insensitive and disconnected behaviors in interaction with their infants differ in terms of maternal reflective functioning (RF), personality organization, and histories of abuse. A total of 86 mother-infant dyads, 28 of them with histories of abuse, participated in the study. RF was assessed(More)
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