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The purpose was to examine whether a sucrose diet in rat dams reduces dentine apposition and enhances dental caries in their pups. Sprague-Dawley rat pups were randomized into four groups on the day of birth. During the lactation period three dams received a standard rodent diet and three a diet containing 41% sucrose. At the age of 3 weeks the pups were(More)
MMP-20 (enamelysin), the matrix metalloproteinase family member discovered in the enamel organ, has also been detected in odontoblasts during dentin formation. We studied the presence and localization of MMP-20 in mature human teeth in health and disease. In immunohistochemistry, MMP-20-positive staining was observed most intensively in the radicular(More)
Evidence-based dentistry has shown that different restorative materials have different survival times. Our primary hypothesis is that this should be revealed from normal dental records by the use of data mining technique and a practice-based dentistry approach analysed in a scientifically sound way. Dental records from 1626 patients and altogether 19,892(More)
OBJECTIVES Search in PubMed with keywords "enzymes, dentinogenesis, and dental caries" revealed only 4 items, but when combined with "enzymes, osteogenesis, and osteoporosis" as high as 404 items resulted. Dental caries was associated with an order of magnitude fewer studies than the chronic bone disease, osteoporosis. This observation motivated this(More)
Sulkala, Merja, Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in the dentin-pulp complex of healthy and carious teeth Abstract The dentin-pulp complex comprises mineralized dentin and the vital soft tissues encased inside dentin, i.e. odontoblasts and pulp tissue. During caries progression, the dentinal minerals are dissolved and eventually the collagenous organic(More)
The effects of dietary sucrose feeding, intragastric sucrose feeding and dietary calcium-deficiency on primary dentinogenesis of the pulp-dentin organ and caries progression were examined in an experimental rat model. The possible role of calcium balance and reduced mineralization of dentin organic matrix as a cause of reduced dentin formation in young,(More)
Acknowledgements I wish to present my gratitude to my supervisor Elja Arjas for his support and patience during all these years of my postgraduate studies. My cooperation with experts in dentistry, Jorma Virtanen, Markku Larmas and Hannu Hausen, has also been fruitful, starting from when I was working at the University of Oulu. The working environment was(More)
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