Markiyan Samborskyy

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Conglobatin is an unusual C2-symmetrical macrodiolide from the bacterium Streptomyces conglobatus with promising antitumor activity. Insights into the genes and enzymes that govern both the assembly-line production of the conglobatin polyketide and its dimerization are essential to allow rational alterations to be made to the conglobatin structure. We have(More)
Desertomycin A is an aminopolyol polyketide containing a macrolactone ring. We have proposed that desertomycin A and similar compounds (marginolactones) are formed by polyketide synthases primed not with γ-aminobutanoyl-CoA but with 4-guanidinylbutanoyl-CoA, to avoid facile cyclization of the starter unit. This hypothesis requires that there be a(More)
The assembly-line synthases that produce bacterial polyketide natural products follow a modular paradigm in which each round of chain extension is catalysed by a different set or module of enzymes. Examples of deviation from this paradigm, in which a module catalyses either multiple extensions or none are of interest from both a mechanistic and an(More)
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