Markian Hlynka

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A plethora of enhancements are available to be used together with the αβ search algorithm. There are so many, that their selection and implementation is a non-trivial task, even for the expert. Every domain has its specifics which affect the search tree Even seemingly minute changes to an evaluation function can have an impact on the characteristics of a(More)
The authors present queuing-theoretic formulations for trading nodal storage capacity (i.e., buffers) requirements for the incremental transmission capacity of the links in supra-high-speed packet-switching nets. The performance criterion used is the mean nodal forwarding time. The results are useful for designing all-optical packet-switching(More)
This paper introduces the idea of pre-searching a position—searching it before αβ determines that it needs to be searched. Consider the case where an iteration of αβ search comes across a position p that needs to be searched to depth d1, and the transposition table reveals that p will likely need to be searched later in that iteration to depth d2 greater(More)
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