Markeith Pilot

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In conscious dogs, contractile and myoelectric activity was recorded from force transducers and monopolar electrodes chronically implanted in the serosal surface of the proximal and distal stomach. Periodic activity during fasting was characterized at each site. Proximally, activity fronts consisted of a series of regular large-amplitude contractions,(More)
BACKGROUND Prior studies show an increased risk of ischemic stroke (IS) after myocardial infarction; however, there is limited evidence on long-term risk and whether it is directly related to cardiac injury. We hypothesized that the risk of IS after acute coronary syndrome is significantly higher if there is evidence of cardiac injury, such as ST-segment(More)
An inexpensive four-channel data logger for recording gastrointestinal potentials is described. A 512 K bytes memory and a sampling speed of 1.25 Hz per channel is adequate for these potentials and permits recordings for up to 27 hours. The small size and light weight allow the device to be carried in a pocket so that recordings can be made while the(More)
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