Marka Madhavi

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  • K Sri, Rama Krishna, A Guruva Reddy, M N Giri Prasad, K Chandrabushan Rao, M Madhavi +7 others
  • 2010
General-purpose image filters lack the flexibility and adaptability of un-modeled noise types. On the contrary, evolutionary algorithm based filter architectures seem to be very promising due to their capability of providing solutions to hard design problems. Through this novel approach, it is made possible to have an image filter that can employ a(More)
—The application of forward-error-correcting codes to data organized as multiple, independent multimedia objects and encoded with modern embedded coders is investigated. Capitalizing on the strict importance-ordering characteristic of embedded encodings, the strength of the error protection is optimized such that data that is more important to the(More)
Saussurea lappa Clarke (Compositae), is commonly known as Kushta. In Ayurvedha, it is mentioned that the aqueous extract of the root S. lappa was used for treatment of angina pectoris. The present study was designed to investigate the cardioprotective effect of aqueous extract of root of S. lappa against isoproterenol induced myocardial injury. Myocardial(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the present investigation was to prepare colon targeted curcumin microspheres using Eudragit S100 and evaluate the same for in vitro/in vivo properties. MATERIALS AND METHODS A "O/O solvent evaporation" technique was used in the preparation of microspheres. The influence of various process variables including stirring speed,(More)
INTRODUCTION For the real-time clinical utilization of curcumin (an ayurvedic natural product) to treat breast cancer, its dissolution, rate limited solubility, poor tissue absorption, and extensive in vivo metabolism that leads to its poor systemic bioavailability should be overcome. A polymer-based nanoparticle formulation using bovine serum albumin can(More)
  • M Madhavi, O Srinivasa Reddy, Satyanarayana Sai, Reddy
  • 2014
Cloud computing is internet based computing which enables sharing of services. Many users place their data in the cloud. However, the fact that users no longer have physical possession of the possibly large size of outsourced data makes the data integrity protection in cloud computing a very challenging and potentially formidable task, especially for users(More)
This paper proposes a secure authentication protocol in a new direction with group signature based Quantum cryptography for a networked organization. The group signature setting has a group with copious members and one manager. The proposed protocol uses a trusted centre TC generates a large heap of public/private key pairs. Every member of the group has a(More)
  • M Madhavi, S Shanawaz Basha, M Ranjith Reddy
  • 2013
A cloud storage system, consisting of a group of storage servers, provides continuing storage services over the Internet. Storing data in a third party's cloud system causes serious problem over data discretion. secure and reliable cloud data management to guarantee the data correctness and availability, given the difficulty that data are no longer locally(More)