Mark de Rooij

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Consider N entities to be classified (e.g., geographical areas), a matrix of dissimilarity between pairs of entities, a graph H with vertices associated with these entities such that the edges join the vertices corresponding to contiguous entities. The split of a cluster is the smallest dissimilarity between an entity of this cluster and an entity outside(More)
Ketamine, an NMDA receptor antagonist, is increasingly used to study the link between glutamatergic signaling dysregulation and mood and chronic pain disorders. Glutamatergic neurotransmission and stress corticosteroids (cortisol in human) are critical for Ca(2+) mediated neuroplasticity and behavioral adaptation. The mechanisms of action of glutamatergic(More)
It has been argued that principal component analysis (PCA) is not appropriate for analyzing data conforming to single-peaked response models, also referred to as unfolding models. An overview of these findings is given, which relates them to the distinction between two types of unfolding models; namely, models that are either a quadratic function of the(More)
Our study aim was to investigate how experi-ential avoidance 'works together' with bordering psychological constructs (i.e., rumination, worry and neuroticism) in predicting the onset, relapse and maintenance of depressive disorders. We performed a longitudinal cohort study with repeated assessments after 2 and 4 years in a sample of 737 persons with a(More)
BACKGROUND Krachtvoer is a Dutch healthy diet programme for prevocational schools, developed in 2001 and revised for a broader target group in 2007, based on the findings of an evaluation of the first version. The goal of this study was to report on the short- and longer-term total and subgroup effects of the revised programme on students' fruit, fruit(More)
Triadic distances t defined as functions of the Euclidean (dyadic) distances a 1 , a 2 , a 3 between three points are studied. Special attention is paid to the contours of all points giving the same value of t when a 3 is kept constant. These isocontours allow some general comments to be made about the suitability, or not, for practical investigations of(More)
  • Esther van den Bosa, Mark de Rooij, Sindy R. Sumterb, P. Michiel Westenberga
  • 2015
The present study adds to the emerging literature on the development of social cognition in adolescence by investigating the development of recursive thinking (i.e., thinking about thinking). Previous studies have indicated that the development of recursive thinking is not completed during childhood. The present study focused on late childhood and(More)