Mark de Reuver

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Development of advanced mobile internet services requires flexible service platforms. Every service offering needs generic functionalities like security, billing and customer data management. Such functionalities used to be integrated in the mobile network infrastructure but are now offered by competing service platforms. Service platforms can still be(More)
Plasmids containing wild-type and hybrid proteinase genes were constructed from DNA fragments of the prtP genes of Lactococcus lactis strains Wg2 and SK11. These plasmids were introduced into the plasmid-free strain L. lactis MG1363. The serine proteinases produced by these L. lactis strains were isolated, and their cleavage specificity and rate towards(More)
As mobile infrastructures of 3G and beyond are evolving rapidly, the next generation of mobile Internet services is on its way. Developing and commercializing these mobile Internet services requires a broad set of resources and capabilities ranging from the basic telecommunication network to specific applications, user data and interesting content. As(More)
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