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Novice pair programmers find communication within their pairs to be one of the greatest difficulties they face when starting to pair program. However, developers cannot pair program without a certain amount of communication. This research describes the development of an analytic coding scheme derived from the observation of the communication of expert pairs(More)
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  • 2011 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human…
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Programming is a problematic subject to learn due to various factors that impact teaching, learning, and the environment. This research is concerned with creating a suitable measurement which could be used to compare flow levels achieved between weak and strong novice students, where flow is a state of mind where people are so involved in an activity that(More)
Many students are looking to appropriate social networking sites, amongst them, Facebook, to enhance their learning experience. A growing body of literature reports on the motivation of students and staff to engage with Facebook as a learning platform as well as mapping such activities to pedagogy and curricula. This paper presents student opinions of the(More)
A set of industry-inspired pair programming guidelines have been derived from qualitative examinations of expert pairs in order to aid novice programmers with their intra-pair communication. This research describes the evaluation of these guidelines with a set of student pairs, and demonstrates how novice pairs who were exposed to the guidelines were more(More)
Pair programming has several benefits when it is successfully used by students and experts alike. However, research shows that novice pairs find the necessary pair communication to be one of the main challenges in adopting this process. A set of industry-inspired pair programming guidelines have been derived and evaluated from qualitative examinations of(More)
Computing is now one of the fastest growing fields of employment, with a large bias placed on developing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in schools. However, due to the fast pace of technology development, it is increasingly difficult for schools to keep up with the latest computing methodologies. A possible solution is(More)
Communication occurs constantly within a pair whilst they are programming. As examples, a navigator might grunt in approval to a new method the driver has just created, or the pair could have a long conversation discussing requirements and coding strategies. This paper presents a brief background study exploring communication within pair programming, and an(More)