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OBJECTIVE To assess the level of expectation and satisfaction of patients with asthma regarding the counseling provided by community pharmacists, and to identify the counseling information patients consider important in helping them manage their asthma. DESIGN Mailed survey. PARTICIPANTS 208 patients seen in the University of Utah Asthma Clinic for at(More)
We propose a silicon Fabry–Perot planar waveguide modulator structure consisting of two Bragg reflectors to form the cavity. The Bragg reflectors are nanoscale trenches in the waveguide fabricated using electron beam lithography and reactive ion etching. Compared to conventional waveguide modulator designs, large modulation depth can be achieved with much(More)
This paper explores the challenges facing the 22nm process generation and beyond. CMOS transistor architectures such as ultra-thin body, FinFET, and nanowire will be compared and contrasted. Mobility enhancements such as channel stress, alternative orientations, and exotic materials will be explored. Resistance challenges will be reviewed in relation to key(More)
Si and GaAs metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors with finger spacing as small as 0.25 mm are studied for 1.3 mm wavelength operation. It was found that the detectors have an external quantum efficiency as high as 0.5% for 1.3 mm light and a low dark current at room temperature. Increasing the Schottky barrier height reduces the responsivity of the(More)
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