Mark Woehrer

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We need to find innovative ways of expanding the activity repertoire of robots, including having robots learn their own activities. Here, we explore the suitability of well-known methods for learning with multiple robots and introduce a new method: memetic learning. Memetic learning combines individual experience methods with population-based methods in a(More)
Speciation is one of the most fundamental and important processes in evolutionary biology, resulting in the panoply of biological diversity found in the natural world. Speciation likewise has profound implications for artificial life, evolutionary computation, and evolutionary robotics, yet a great many aspects of it remain unexplored. Traditionally,(More)
Nurturing behaviors comprise a fundamental class of actions that can occur between individuals. They are vital components of the behavioral repertoires of numerous biological organisms and are objects of study in numerous disciplines. In this call to the community, we consider what nurturing means for biological and artificial systems, how robot-to-robot(More)
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