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The therapeutic effects of centrally acting pharmaceuticals can manifest gradually and unreliably in patients, making the drug discovery process slow and expensive. Biological markers providing early evidence for clinical efficacy could help prioritize development of the more promising drug candidates. A potential source of such markers is functional(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for the characterization of liver fibrosis by estimating fat and extracellular matrix content and hepatic perfusion parameters in CCl(4)-treated rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS The animal research protocol was approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Fifty-two rats (38(More)
This is a study to fully assess a commercially available co-processed mannitol for its usefulness as an off-the-shelf excipient for developing orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) by direct compression on a pilot scale (up to 4 kg). This work encompassed material characterization, formulation optimisation and process robustness. Overall, this co-processed(More)
A computational study was performed to determine the predictive capability of a Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes code (CFL3D) for two-dimensional and three-dimensional multielement high-lift systems. Three configurations were analyzed: a three-element airfoil, a wing with a full span flap and a wing with a partial span flap. In order to accurately model(More)
Several tablets are prepared with two forms of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of which one (less than 1% w/w) is considered undesirable. The presence of this component is tested for by Raman microscopy in a series of mapping experiments. These experiments are conducted with a statistically based sampling routine in which the number of spectra to(More)
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