Mark Weston

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A Venn diagram is simple if at most two curves intersect at any given point. A recent paper of Griggs, Killian, and Savage [Elec. J. Combinatorics, Research Paper 2, 2004] shows how to construct rotationally symmetric Venn diagrams for any prime number of curves. However, the resulting diagrams contain only n n/2 intersection points, whereas a simple Venn(More)
We establish a new lower bound for the number of sides required for the component curves of simple Venn diagrams made from polygons. Speciically, for any n-Venn diagram of convex k-gons, we prove that k (2 n 2 n)=(n(n 2)). In the process we prove that Venn diagrams of seven curves, simple or not, cannot be formed from triangles. We then give an example(More)
<i>Water Columns</i> consists of three extremely lightweight, passively actuated kinetic sculptures that take advantage of the relative tendency of wood to absorb moisture from the atmosphere to create passive engines for actuation of a long array of bi-laminate filaments. The sculptures change shape over the course of the day as relative humidity rises and(More)
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