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A computationally fast procedure for identifying outliers is presented, that is particularly effective in high dimensions. This algorithm utilizes simple properties of principal components to identify outliers in the transformed space, leading to significant computational advantages for high dimensional data. This approach requires considerably less(More)
Since the late 1970s, there has been considerable discussion about describing human aerosol exposure in terms of a scientific criterion based on the efficiency with which particles are inhaled through the nose and/or mouth during breathing. As international agreement on the quantitative form of this criterion has emerged, progress is quickening towards(More)
PURPOSE The conception rate of patients with spinal cord injuries following penile vibratory stimulation and rectal probe electroejaculation in conjunction with self-insemination, intrauterine insemination or assisted reproductive technique is poorly documented. We reviewed our success rates with penile vibratory stimulation and rectal probe(More)
Accurate monitors are required to determine ambient concentration levels of contaminants emanating from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), and accurate models are required to indicate the spatial variability of concentrations over regions affected by CAFOs. A thorough understanding of the spatial and temporal variability of concentration levels(More)
An investigation of the relationship between observed nickel aerosol exposures and urinary nickel excretion was undertaken at a Scandinavian nickel refinery. The goal of the study was to assess the impact of nickel aerosol speciation, the use of particle size-selective sampling instrumentation and adjustment of urinary levels for creatinine excretion on the(More)
A full description of the regional dosimetry of inhaled workplace aerosols requires information about the particle aerodynamic size distributions of inhaled aerosols for appropriate health-related species. Therefore, since the late 1970s, interest has risen in how to assess workers' aerosol exposures in terms of particle fractions which may be inhaled and(More)
where he received a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1977 under the direction of Prof. Gary Hieftje. At N.C. State, Dr. Boss has worked on the development and characterization of several types of flame and plasma sources for atomic spectroscopy. His present research interests also include the use of computer automation and chemometrics for enhancement of analytical(More)
In this article we describe the development of an information system for environmental childhood cancer surveillance. The Wisconsin Cancer Registry annually receives more than 25,000 incident case reports. Approximately 269 cases per year involve children. Over time, there has been considerable community interest in understanding the role the environment(More)
The Marathon County Health Department and the Wisconsin Division of Public Health evaluated several imported drugs and folk remedies that were being used by 2 Hmong families. These included a powdered blend of folk remedies that had been purchased in California and 5 packets of medication that had been imported from Thailand. The powdered folk remedy(More)
Selenium is an essential micronutrient, and due to its antioxidant activity, is hypothesized to be beneficial to cardiovascular health. However, the evidence for an association between selenium and health markers such as lipid levels has been mixed. This may be due to substantial variability in the level of selenium intake between populations and potential(More)