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For the accurate retrieval of tropospheric trace gases from SCIAMACHY the availability of cloud parameters is crucial. In this paper we present a new algorithm for the retrieval of cloud fraction from SCIAMACHY data, the Heidelberg Iterative Cloud Retrieval Utilities (HICRU). The reliability of the results are proven through intercomparision with cloud(More)
UV-visible absorption spectroscopy with extraterrestrial light sources is a widely used technique for the measurement of stratospheric and tropospheric trace gases. We focus on differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) and present an operator notation as a new formalism to describe the different processes in the atmosphere and the simplifying(More)
We describe the first satellite observation of intercontinental transport of nitrogen oxides emitted by power plants, verified by simulations with a particle tracer model. The analysis of such episodes shows that anthropogenic NOx plumes may influence the atmospheric chemistry thousands of kilometers away from its origin, as well as the ocean they traverse(More)
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