Mark Weiler

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We aligned Incyte ESTs and publicly available sequences to the rat genome and analyzed rat chromosome 1q43-54, a region in which several quantitative trait loci (QTLs) have been identified, including renal disease, diabetes, hypertension, body weight, and encephalomyelitis. Within this region, which contains 255 Ensembl gene predictions, the aligned(More)
The Missouri Department of Health realized it had a problem with 67 different information systems that ran on different platforms and could not communicate with one another. A new, integrated information system, the Missouri Health Strategic Architectures and Information Cooperative (MOHSAIC) is being developed based on information engineering (IE). This(More)
This paper addresses a set of persistent methodological and theoretical challenges to research on Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), and to studies of 'virtual worlds' more generally. Critically examining some of the ontological, epistemological and ethical missteps that characterize well-respected, well-publicized and oft-cited research, our goal(More)
Within the field of game studies, narratological or ludological discourses provide different lights to understand computer games. Yet the digital design space is still young and one might wonder if there are other ways of approaching the design of games? With the purpose of opening a new line of thought, this paper turns to the historic past and examines a(More)
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