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Existing ABR algorithms face a significant challenge in estimating future capacity: capacity can vary widely over time, a phenomenon commonly observed in commercial services. In this work, we suggest an alternative approach: rather than presuming that capacity estimation is required, it is perhaps better to begin by using only the buffer, and then ask when(More)
Raptor codes have been standardized as application layer forward error correction (FEC) codes for Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services (MBMS) and Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) due to their extraordinary advanced FEC protection and performance. Raptor codes are known to have characteristics very close to ideal and provide a wide range of operating(More)
We recently demonstrated that the non-classical muscarinic receptor antagonist [3H]pirenzepine ([3H]PZ) identifies a high affinity population of muscarinic sites in the rat cerebral cortex. We now report that cortical muscarinic sites to which [3H]PZ binds with high affinity are modulated by ions but not guanine nucleotides. We also have examined(More)
Psychological adjustment in 90 women (30 carriers and 60 non-carriers) who had undergone genetic testing for mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast/ovarian cancer susceptibility genes was compared with that of 53 women who were not offered genetic testing. Women were assessed prior to genetic testing and 7-10 days, 4 and 12 months after carrier status(More)
Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) have just recently specified the use Raptor codes in their mobile broadcast file delivery engine. Until today, investigations of the applicability of these codes to the mentioned systems have been carried out by assuming almost exclusively quite simple loss models such as(More)
  • Mark Watson
  • Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience
  • 1997
It's not surprisingly when entering this site to get the book. One of the popular books now is the intelligent java applications for the internet and intranets. You may be confused because you can't find the book in the book store around your city. Commonly, the popular book will be sold quickly. And when you have found the store to buy the book, it will be(More)
The use of expression microarrays to determine bona fide changes in gene expression between experimental paradigms is confounded by noise due to variability in measurement. To assess the variability associated with transcript hybridization to commercial oligonucleotide-based microarrays, we generated a data set consisting of five replicate hybridizations of(More)
Kestutis Aidas,1 Celestino Angeli,2 Keld L. Bak,3 Vebjørn Bakken,4 Radovan Bast,5 Linus Boman,6 Ove Christiansen,7 Renzo Cimiraglia,2 Sonia Coriani,8 Pål Dahle,9 Erik K. Dalskov,10 Ulf Ekström,11 Thomas Enevoldsen,12 Janus J. Eriksen,7 Patrick Ettenhuber,7 Berta Fernández,13 Lara Ferrighi,14 Heike Fliegl,11 Luca Frediani,14 Kasper Hald,15 Asger Halkier,16(More)
The initiation of interaction in face-to-face environments is a gradual process, and takes place in a rich information landscape of awareness, attention, and social signals. One of the main benefits of this process is that people can be more sensitive to issues of privacy and interruption while they are moving towards interaction. However, on-line(More)