Mark Wardell

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A facility-based protein crystallization apparatus for microgravity (PCAM) has been constructed and flown on a series of Space Shuttle Missions. The hardware development was undertaken largely because of the many important examples of quality improvements gained from crystal growth in the diffusion-limited environment in space. The concept was based on the(More)
The high resolution structure of hemalbumin was determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction to a resolution of 1.9 A. The structure revealed the protoporphyrin IX bound to a single site within a hydrophobic cavity in subdomain IB, one of the principal binding sites for long chain fatty acid. The iron is penta coordinated with the fifth ligand comprised(More)
This thesis describes development of low cost indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring system for research. It describes data collection of various parameters concentration present in indoor air and sends data back to host PC for further processing. Thesis gives detailed information about hardware and software implementation of IAQ monitoring system. Also(More)
Semi-supervised learning (SSL) is the most practical approach for classification among machine learning algorithms. It is similar to the humans way of learning and thus has great applications in text/image classification, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, robotics etc. Labeled data is hard to obtain in real life experiments and may need human experts(More)
A comparison of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, a new sleep questionnaire, and sleep diaries. Self-report retrospective estimates of sleep behaviors are not as accurate as prospective estimates from sleep diaries, but are more practical for epidemiological studies. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the validity of retrospective measures and improve(More)