Mark Walden

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The B-Method is a method for the stepwise derivation of sequential programs. In this paper we show how the B-Method can be used for designing distributed systems by embedding action systems within this method. The action system formalism is designed for the construction of parallel and distributed systems in a stepwise manner within the refinement calculus.(More)
Action systems offer a component-based approach to circuit design. Component-based approaches are well established in hardware design, but are only recently more established in software design. However, software oriented methods allow a higher level of abstraction than the often quite low-level hardware design methods used today. We propose a method to(More)
The development of a low cost MMIC based millimetre-wave radar module is presented. The paper concentrates on the design of the front end module which forms the heart of a synchronised multistatic radar network designed by Roke Manor Research Ltd. for short range automotive applications. The concept, design methodology, simulation data, and monostatic test(More)