Mark W. Borger

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Two important aspects of developing a real-time system are controlling devices and managing concurrency. In this report, we present several techniques for controlling devices with Ada and several Ada tasking paradigms for managing concurrency. The material presented in this report is taken from our experiences in developing a real-time embedded system in(More)
This paper develops a method for combining queryrelevance with information-novelty in the context of text retrieval and summarization. The Maximal Marginal Relevance (MMR) criterion strives to reduce redundancy while maintaining query relevance in reranking retrieved documents and in selecting appropriate passages for text summarization. Preliminary results(More)
This report addresses issues and questions related to the use of Ada for embedded systems applications; it contains some preliminary recommendations for compilation system implementors, application developers, program managers, and Ada policy makers. The issues and questions provide the context for the Ada Embedded Systems Testbed (AEST) Project at the(More)
The Software Engineering Institute’s Ada Embedded Systems Testbed project is constructing a hardware and software testbed that provides a real-time laboratory environment for conducting experiments using Ada and investigating real-time Ada issues. The intent of the testbed is to provide an experimental environment that facilitates the application of both(More)
1. INTRODUCTION A fundamental goal of the Real-Time Embedded Systems Testbcd (REST) project at the SE1 is to examine Ada technology from a real-time systems perspective. Our basic strategy has involved defining a representative real-time embedded problem, developing the system in Ada, and making observations along the way. This strategy has resulted in a(More)
In order to achieve predictable real-time performance, systems must be designed in accordance with theories or principles that ensure predictable real-time behavior. At the Software Engineering institute (SEI), we have been using rate monotonic scheduling theories [lo] for this purpose. The effect of these theories on real-time Ada software is to encourage(More)
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