Mark Vandenwauver

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The perceived lack of security in the wireless environment has delayed many initiatives in providing access to e-commerce applications from wireless devices. Many organizations are skeptical that the same kind of security protections that they are used to in the current Internet (wired) e-commerce environment are also available for wireless transactions. In(More)
In this paper we want to share our experiences with implementing a scheme that enforces role based access control in a distributed, heterogeneous computing environment. This work was done in the framework of the EC-RACE project SESAME (A Secure European System in A Multi-vendor Environment). The SESAME project relies on the work done by ECMA (European(More)
At the approach of the next millenium, enterprises are facing a lot of challenges and have to decide in which direction their communication networks will evolve. At the moment we see a large shift towards using global intranets and extranets. Most of the time it is also necessary to connect these networks to the Internet. During the consultancy work we(More)