Mark VanMiddlesworth

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This paper presents a technique for improved mapping of complex underwater environments. Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are becoming valuable tools for inspection of underwater infrastructure, and can create 3D maps of their environment using high-frequency profiling sonar. However, the quality of these maps is limited by the drift in the vehicle’s(More)
As computers replace humans as the drivers of automobiles, our current traffic management mechanisms will give way to hyper-efficient protocols designed to exploit the capabilities of fully autonomous vehicles. We have introduced such a system for coordinating large numbers of autonomous vehicles at intersections [2, 3]. Our experiments suggest that this(More)
Motivated by inspection of complex underwater environments, we have developed a system for multi-sensor SLAM utilizing both structured and unstructured environmental features. We present a system for deriving planar constraints from sonar data, and jointly optimizing the vehicle and plane positions as nodes in a factor graph. We also present a system for(More)
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