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Languages like Snobol, Prolog, and Icon were designed with backtracking facilities from the outset and these facilities are deeply intertwined with the implementation. Retrofitting a backtracking facility in a language that wasn't designed for it has never been achieved. We report on an experiment to retrofit Smalltalk with a backtracking facility. The(More)
Background. Local tumor progression (LTP) is a serious complication after local ablation of malignant liver tumors, negatively influencing patient survival. LTP may be the result of incomplete ablation of the treated tumor. In this study, we determined whether viable tumor cells attached to the needle applicator after ablation was associated with LTP and(More)
Fragmentation of customer data across internal product based systems is preventing a meaningful customer dialog across channels. This problem is compounded further by the addition of new Internet and customer-facing applications from multiple vendors. The typical clicks and mortar company has dozens of e-commerce and product-based systems containing(More)
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