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This paper was invited as a discussion and critique of the preceding four papers. We have used it to take up the issue of whether the seemingly disparate approaches to culture theory from modern evolutionary biology can be reconciled and unified, and if so, how it can be done. Some of the differences, we think, exist chiefly in the minds of the(More)
A two-bladed, 7.5-ft diameter dynamic rotor model with 10% chord on-blade elevons driven by piezoceramic bimorph actuatorswasdesigned and tested inhover a t tip speeds up to298 ftls. The elevon actuator succeeded in achievingdeflectionsof f 5 deg a t the nominal rotor speed of 760RPM. Aeroelastic and structural dynamic responsecharacteristics were evaluated(More)
We analyze N-body simulations of halo mergers to investigate the mechanisms responsible for driving mixing in phase-space and the evolution to dynamical equilibrium. We focus on mixing in energy and angular momentum and show that mixing occurs in step-like fashion following pericenter passages of the halos. This makes mixing during a merger unlike other(More)
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