Mark V. Gostomski

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Bacteriophage MS2 is used in place of pathogenic viruses in a wide variety of studies that range from testing of compounds for disinfecting surfaces to studying environmental transport and fate of pathogenic viruses in groundwater. MS2 is also used as a pathogen simulant in the research, development, and testing (including open air tests) of methods,(More)
Detection of biological weapons is a primary concern in force protection, treaty verification, and safeguarding civilian populations against domestic terrorism. One great concern is the detection of Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax. Assays for detection in the laboratory often employ inactivated preparations of spores or nonpathogenic(More)
Staphylococcal enterotoxin A (SEA) is among the most potent of the growing list of known enterotoxins produced by Staphylococcus aureus. SEA, a 27 kDa monomeric protein, is encoded by the entA gene. We have developed two real-time fluorogenic PCR assays for the detection of nucleic acid sequences in entA. The assays are useful in detecting and identifying(More)
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