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practical model based testing a tools approach practical model based testing a tools approach hgud practical model based testing a tools approach pdf link download practical model based testing a tools approach more about model based testing cqaa model-based testing: next generation functional software a survey of modeldriven testing techniques practical(More)
We report on the software development techniques used in the New Zealand software industry, paying particular attention to requirements gathering. We surveyed a selection of software companies with a general questionnaire and then conducted in-depth interviews with four companies. Our results show a wide variety in the kinds of companies undertaking(More)
This paper presents an original model-based testing approach that takes a UML behavioural view of the system under test and automatically generates test cases and executable test scripts according to model coverage criteria. This approach is embedded in the LEIRIOS Test Designer tool and is currently deployed in domains such as Enterprise IT and electronic(More)
This paper presents a model-based framework for the symbolic animation of object-oriented specifications. A customized set-theoretic solver is used to simulate the execution of the system and handle constraints on state variables. We define a framework for animating object-oriented specifications with dynamic object creations, interactions and inheritance.(More)
This paper describes some of the difficulties and challenges that arise during the design of tools for validating Z specifications by testing and animation. We address three issues: handling undefined terms, simplification versus enumeration, and the representation of sets, and show how each issue has been handled in the Jaza tool. Finally, we report on a(More)