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Background: In 2004 the concept of evidence-based software engineering (EBSE) was introduced at the ICSE04 conference. Aims: This study assesses the impact of systematic literature reviews (SLRs) which are the recommended EBSE method for aggregating evidence. Method: We used the standard systematic literature review method employing a manual search of 10(More)
A consequence of the growing number of empirical studies in software engineering is the need to adopt systematic approaches to assessing and aggregating research outcomes in order to provide a balanced and objective summary of research evidence for a particular topic. The paper reports experiences with applying one such approach, the practice of systematic(More)
Conceptual integration—"blending"—is a general cognitive operation on a par with analogy, recursion, mental modeling, conceptual categorization, and framing. It serves a variety of cognitive purposes. It is dynamic, supple, and active in the moment of thinking. It yields products that frequently become entrenched in conceptual structure and grammar, and it(More)
Context: In a previous study, we reported on a systematic literature review (SLR), based on a manual search of 13 journals and conferences undertaken in the Objective: The aim of this ongoing research is to provide an annotated catalogue of SLRs available to software engineering researchers and practitioners. This study updates our previous study using a(More)
Background: A mapping study provides a systematic and objective procedure for identifying the nature and extent of the empirical study data that is available to answer a particular research question. Such studies can also form a useful preliminary step for PhD study. Aim: We set out to assess how effective such studies have been when used for software(More)
Conceptual projection from one mental space to another always involves projection to "middle" spaces—abstract "generic" middle spaces or richer "blended" middle spaces. Projection to a middle space is a general cognitive process, operating uniformly at different levels of abstraction and under superficially divergent contextual circumstances. Middle spaces(More)
Wild-type and mutated forms of the wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) storage protein γ-gliadin were expressed in transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. NVS) under the control of the 35S cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) promoter in order to determine what, if any, endogenous targeting signals are present in the wild-type γ-gliadin protein. The mutant forms(More)
There is little empirical knowledge of the effectiveness of the object-oriented paradigm. To conduct a systematic review of the literature describing empirical studies of this paradigm. We undertook a Mapping Study of the literature. 138 papers have been identified and classified by topic, form of study involved, and source. The majority of empirical(More)