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We study the problem of modular code generation for emulating the electrical conduction system of the heart, which is essential for the validation of implantable devices such as pacemakers. In order to develop high fidelity models, it is essential to consider the operation of hundreds, if not millions of conduction elements, called nodes of the heart.(More)
—The heart is a vital organ that relies on the orchestrated propagation of electrical stimuli to coordinate each heart beat. Abnormalities in the heart's electrical behaviour can be managed with a cardiac pacemaker. Recently, the closed-loop testing of pacemakers with an emulation (real-time simulation) of the heart has been proposed. An emulated heart(More)
—Hybrid systems are discrete controllers that are used for controlling a physical process (plant) exhibiting continuous dynamics. A hybrid automata (HA) is a well known and widely used formal model for the specification of such systems. While many methods exist for simulating hybrid automata, there are no known approaches for the automatic code generation(More)
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