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A number of medicine selection methods have been used worldwide for formulary purposes. In Northern Ireland, integrated medicines management is being developed, and related projects have been carried out. This paper deals with the description of the STEPS (Safe Therapeutic Economic Pharmaceutical Selection) programme. The paper outlines the development of(More)
InforMatrix is a decision matrix technique by means of which a group of experts on a subject (health condition) determine, on the basis of agreed criteria, an order of merit for the various available treatment options for that condition. The goal of the InforMatrix program is to make a rational selection of first-choice medications or drugs following the(More)
Drug selection should be a rational process that embraces the principles of evidence-based medicine. However, many factors may affect the choice of agent. It is against this background that the System of Objectified Judgement Analysis (SOJA) process for rational drug-selection was developed. This article describes how the information on which the SOJA(More)
ACE inhibitors have proven to be effective blood pressure lowering agents with an excellent tolerability profile. The family of these drugs is still expanding, necessitating the definition of selection criteria in order to choose the "right drug". In this article the ACE inhibitors available in the United Kingdom (UK) are scored by means of the SOJA method.(More)
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